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Public Speaking

Good communications is important to any organization, association or school district. David Luther will engage audiences with his insights into what works and what fails in the world of communications. Entertaining and perceptive, with a sense of the absurd, ironic and humorous, David will connect with your audience while also sharing ideas that will help them tackle their own communication quandaries. Among the topics David covers:

  • The Power of Mentoring
  • Developing Communication Plans
  • How Staff Can Be Your Best PR Team
  • Building Trust Through Solid Internal Communications

If you have a specific topic you'd like David to address, set up a call!


Knowing that good communication is vital to the health of an organization, how effective are the key players on your team? We can tailor your communication training to fit the needs of your organization. Key support areas include: media relations, internal communications, customer service, and using technology and social media to more effectively reach your audiences.

Educators: We specialize in workshops to help administrators, new and experienced teachers, and educational support staff.