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Community Engagement

Whether you represent a school district, a community organization or association, or city or state government, your best planning will often include using the good minds of those who live, work and care for your district or community. Ongoing interaction with your community – and doing meaningful, thoughtful work together – will strengthen your organization. We’ll help you develop best practices for bringing those from different walks of life together to help develop your mission and vision and to move your organization forward.  

Strategic Campaign Planning for School Districts

Let’s be frank: often community members resent it when a district brings in a hired gun to run a campaign. Our focus is helping citizen-driven campaigns develop a message and strategy and then we get out of the way. Let us help with pre-campaign research and developing a means to a successful end. If you need us along the way, we’re just a phone call, text or email  away.

Facilitation & Mediation

Bringing diverse voices to the table and working collaboratively calls for leadership and, in many instances, a third party. We are adept at helping individuals and groups find common ground and bridge gaps to reach mutual goals.