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About Us

After a long and successful career in communications with one of the largest school districts in Missouri, David Luther has assembled the resources to help school districts and other organizations meet their stakeholders’ needs. The first step is often to create the right structure for hearing from  -- and truly listening to -- patrons.  Luther Communications can create those opportunities and, from there, work to find the best means to make those hopes and ideas become reality.  

No two situations are alike, and one-size-fits-all strategies rarely work.  David employs research and analysis to assess where an organization is and what they need to do to be at their very best. Whether you represent a school district looking for a workable strategic plan or an business or organization looking to build a brand and clarify an image, we can help.

A personal note from David…

On communications:

The truth is I find communications and “communicating” fascinating. The sociologist in me can’t help but try to understand why we humans do what we do. I’ve spent my life not only trying to be a good communicator, but helping others find success by working together towards a common goal.

On public speaking:

There’s also something very rewarding about connecting with a group of people – finding ways to use entertainment to illustrate an important topic or to inform an audience. I’ve found that the best means to successfully engaging an audience, be it a breakout session or a keynote presentation, is to make sure the message is clear and relevant, but also to have some fun. A little irony? The absurdity of some of the crazy stuff we humans do? Those things keep us engaged and, ultimately, better able to tackle the issues before us.

A little background on David

I grew up in rural northeast Missouri (Memphis) and have spent time in Melbourne, Australia; Kansas City,  Ashland and Lebanon, Missouri. Jefferson City and Columbia have served as home base for more than 30 years. One of my greatest pleasures is writing and performing original music and few things are as much fun as jamming with a group of musicians. I also enjoy biking and hiking.  My family is central to my life.  My daughter is a successful freelance artist and my son works in the world of finance.